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Finding the Light with Julie Van Rosendaal

Finding the Light with Julie Van Rosendaal

We’re back with a new season of The Food Podcast!

In this episode I’m talking with Canadian cookbook author, writer, teacher and champion of home cooks Julie Van Rosendaal. We spoke last spring, just as the world was gently opening and rhubarb was popping up in Julie’s garden. It all sounds dreamy, but this chat was real. Julie is a community activist. An accidental poet. A champion of bodies, in all shapes and sizes. Her energy is infectious and her messages are evergreen. I couldn't have asked for a more joyful launch back into the world of podcasting. Thanks for listening.

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And for the lunar cake mentioned in the episode

Lunar Rhubarb Cake 


Hosted by Lindsay Cameron Wilson

Edited by Abby Cerquitella

Theme song is One More Night by Jenn Grant 

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Food Stories
The Food Podcast
The Food Podcast is a show where personal stories are shared through the lens of food. Join host Lindsay Cameron Wilson, a best-selling cookbook author and journalist, as she takes you on an adventure through sound, story, music and memory. Food is the launching point, the portal. Human stories, however, are at the heart of each episode. It's a food and story podcast, if you will, released monthly, after a long simmer, when the flavour it just right.
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