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A Field Guide To Christmas, once again

A Field Guide To Christmas, once again


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I’m jumping in here to welcome you to a re-leased episode of last year’s A Field Guide to Christmas. For those who celebrate, we do it every year, but somehow, we still need a field guide, a mentor, and calming friend to shepherd us through this beautiful, nostalgic and sometimes difficult time of year. 

At least I do, and I know there’s one other person too…

I was sitting at a high school football game earlier in the fall, watching my son and nephew play. It was an away game -  A five hour drive. But the last of the fall leaves were still hanging on, there were thermoses of coffee in the cup holders, so it wasn’t such a bad drive. 

The Cape Breton autumn winds were whipping at our backs as we perched on metal bleachers. (I should say that the field guide to watching Canadian football would include pads to sit on  - we use the little cushions that come with our ikea outdoor furniture - they work like a charm and keep you warm.) Anyway, the turnout wasn’t so good for our team, spectators were thin, but those who were there had clearly read the football field guide and were kitted out in cozy jackets, hats, mitts and were lounging in portable camping chairs. At half time one of the mom’s leaned over and said, I’ve been listening to your Field Guide to Christmas. I know we’re two months away, but it soothes me knowing other people cry on Christmas. And we can laugh about it. 

So if you too need a refresh for how to get through the next week with ease and wonder, listen to the rest of this episode, perhaps again, for the first time. 

You too might pick up a word I had forgotten in the wisdom shared by writer and long time Christmas host Vicky Grant. The word she drops is outdoorfin - the rush of joyful energy received when you leave the chaos of the home, the chaos of the world, the heat of the oven, the wrapping paper on the floor, and the drying Christmas tree, and GO OUTSIDE. 

So with that, I give you our field Guide to Christmas, recorded in December of 2022… and by the way, my sons would say I did spiral out of control last Christmas, just for a little bit, but, not only did I go for a walk on christmas day, I also dipped in the river with my sister and nieces on New Year's Day. A cold plunge in a brackish river on the east coast of canada in winter will give you enough ourdoorfins to last at least a week. 

But before we listen I just want to say Thanks so much for being here at The Food Podcast, sharing stories, through the lens of food. 

The Food Podcast will be back on the 9th of January with chef, artist and dancer, Lauren Gerrie.

Until then,

x Lindsay

Show Notes

  • Anja Dunk, ADVENT - Festive German Bakes to Celebrate the Coming of Christmas

  • Jenn Grant’s Forever on Christmas Eve Album

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