Food Stories is a weekly newsletter about everyday life, shared through the lens of food.

I began writing Food Stories in June of 2016.

Back then I was working as a freelance writer, food stylist, cookbook author and television host- all sporadically, while raising boys. Childcare looked like an accordion - it opened wide then folded shut depending on the job or the season. I didn’t have a writing practice or boundaries around my creativity. It wasn’t my priority, even though I loved it, even though I needed it.

It took many newsletters for me to learn that structure breeds creativity. The more time I gave to writing, the more interesting everyday life became. Stories emerged in the smallest of places - in a song, an ingredient, a bird tapping at my kitchen window. Stories are everywhere.

I hope these newsletters help you find the stories in your everyday life too.

A note on delivery - I launch the newsletter on Fridays at the stroke of midnight, AST. I chose this time because my friend in Tasmania wanted it to land on Saturdays, just after her morning farm chores. As it turns out, this strange midnight launch is also for mothers in my time zone nursing in the night, it’s for the insomniacs, the night owls, and those who like to wake up early to a fresh morning read. I hope this newsletter finds you at just the right time.

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