See the darkness around the edges of these muffins? The caramelized crispiness? That’s thanks to a hot oven and brown sugar. Lots of it. I mentioned these muffins in last week’s newsletter with the promise of finding the recipe. It traveled around our cottage community in the…
Week one - I was the kid in Brownies whose knees pointed upwards when we sat cross-legged in a circle. I am now the person in yoga class who can’t sit…
what did you love eating as a kid?
Bare branches are scratching against the window outside and I can see a blur of angry snowflakes darting sideways with the wind. There’s only a few…
and why you should build up enough muscle so you can carry it with you
I’m on a stage now. The old pine wood floorboards are beneath my feet, the morning sun on my left shoulder. A yellow lab, my audience, is sitting to my…
not the boozy kind
and an earthy soup
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